The Foundation for Educational Promotion Orylion is active in the field of professional vocational training in the varied fields of soft and hard skills since 2004.

    In the wide scope of our services there is also advisory in raising up external funding for companies and all kinds of organizations. Because of the broad range of offered services and shared responsibilities in frames of our organization we guarantee comprehensive support of our customers in various fields.

    Increasing the competences of the staff and effective managing with human resources is the basic condition of development and success of the company, that is why we are active in training: HR Departments, Legal Departments, Accounting Departments, Customer Services Departments, Marketing Departments, Departments of Logistics as well as specialist of Trade Departments and PR Managers.

    We deeply understand that competitiveness of the company is mainly based on intellectual capital and that is why we try to offer taylor-made trainings dedicated specially for your needs and including thematic approach which is valid from the market’s point of view. Since the beginning of our activity our goal is the highest quality and efficiency of our ordered actions.


  • Off-site training sessions
  • co-funded trainings
  • closed trainings
  • integrative trips
  • Prince 2

 EU subsidies:

  • Application forms
  • Investments
  • Trainings
  • Advisory


  • Consulting
  • Implementation of ISO
  • Implementation of HACCP
  • Risk analysis
  • Rent of premises

The key to the success of the company is investment in Human Resourses and professional expoitation of it’s potential”. H. Thierr

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